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Bonnies Farewell Letter

It has been such a pleasure to work with you! It has been an absolute honor and privilege to be your provider. I will miss you more than you will know!

I want to help this transition go as smoothly as possible for you. I will be available at Fremont Family Practice until February 8th, 2019. If you have anything you’d like to discuss prior to my departure, please line up an appointment soon so we can follow up before I go. Please know that I will be doing everything I can to help this transition go smoothly for you. I know that everyone at Fremont Family Practice is committed to helping you through this as well. Please contact your pharmacy if you need any refills of your medications. If you go for labs or imaging after I leave, it’s best to come in to review your results with someone and please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to do so.

Fremont Family Practice has hired another Nurse Practitioner to take over for me and I’m so excited for you to meet her. I am sure you will be great hands under her care. She and I will have a small overlap together and I’ll do my best to fill her in on everything. I know she is eager to get to know you, to hear your story and to continue the partnership we have started together.

Thank you again for your deep trust and for allowing me to partner with you. I truly wish you all the best!


Bonnie Lash, ARNP