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Mahvash (Dr Khajavi-Harvey the dentist) and I met when working at a Community Health Center in South Seattle. We were caring for an underserved latino population and the strong mission of that experience has stayed with both of us to this day. After our marriage and some traveling we settled down and started a family living in Wallingford. Mahvash decided to open her own Dental Practice and recruited me to join her in Fremont. I had a strong desire to provide a higher level of primary care, where I had more time with my patients, I also wanted to use an electronic health record and see how technology could help me deliver better medical care. In addition, I was longing for a medical model that would be sustainable for a career, and the high volume demands of a community health center were a burnout pace and did not allow me the time to provide the best care. I found that model in the idealized medical model: where the focus was on patient centered, high quality care, in an environment that provided access to providers. By keeping overhead to a minimum, doctors and patients could spend more time together. In 2002 Mahvash and I opened Fremont Medical & Dental with one side Medical and the other side Dental. Our practice has matured over the years and we have been joined by amazing colleagues: Dr Grote, Dr Koshy, Dr Rose, Caitlin Winder FNP and Dr Sonia on the dental side. I’m not sure where the time is going but we are all seeing our own children going off to College. Our home has always been near Fremont with seven years in Wallingford, then seven more in Queen Anne and now four years in Magnolia. We love Seattle and our small family friendly clinic. We hope you enjoy your experience at our clinic we are here to take care of you.

-David Harvey

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